Sloppy Seconds: Another Week Bites the Dust

Ah, the first day of spring. How better to celebrate than a look back a those long, dreary days of last week--you know, when some holiday kept you away from the computer. Well, here's some of what you missed. And if these are the highlights, the rest must be total...

The Week in Review(s):

  • Your own Dallas Observer: Dave looks at Citrus Bistro (or as we put it, "Good Things Come From Big Packages", which apparently slipped by our wary editorial checker type people)
  • Dallas Morning News: In the wake of Casey Thompson's departure, Leslie Brenner checks out Shinsei.
  • Dallas Morning News: Kim Pierce gives a couple of stars to Cava.
  • D: Nancy Nichols sends young Sarah Eveans to Neighborhood Services (actually published before last week, being a monthly).
  • Dallas Voice: Arnold Jones turns his space over to the public for "Reader's Voice" awards.

Highlights from City of Ate:

  • Veggie Girl: Kalachandji's
    We introduced a new weekly feature in which Alexa Schirtzinger searches for vegan and vegetarian dining options in Dallas. Yeah, the East Dallas Krishna spot is well known. But she managed to drag a meat-eater along.
  • How 'Bout Them Knockers: i Fratelli Pizza
    The Greenville Ave. joint rallies back from cold marina for the bread sticks to take fifth place in our current food delivery standings.
  • Short Orders: Andiamo
    Take a trip way back into the past, to a time when veal piccata and lemon sole were fine dining standouts--without leaving the here and now.
  • 10 Questions: Taco Borga
    The chef behind La Duni doesn't exactly steal ideas. He borrows...no, that's not it, either. Oh, yeah--he gets inspired by others. That's it.

...and finally, we're still tweaking the unnamed (and clearly not very popular yet), City of Ate reader contest. We're still looking for answers to this:

Wolfgang Puck ran a contest to name his new restaurant and ended up with Five-Sixty, representing the height of that phallus thing looming over the Mixmaster. C'mon. Five-Sixty? With an erection, um, building like that, you'd expect one great Puck restaurant, with an equally great name. This week, we ask for something better. You know, more representative of the structure, or even of the owner. A couple examples to toy with (one's that would certainly not win):
Wanna ...?

Send entries here (do not post in comments). The winner receives a DVD of A Colbert Christmas, a preview copy of which arrived in Wilonsky's office last fall but somehow ended up in the City of Ate stash. Not saying how...um, not sure how.

Entries will be assessed on our own stringent standards of cleverness and humor. We get to decide who wins, but it can't be anyone who works for the Dallas Observer, anyone they happen to be intimate with, or any of the offspring resulting from said intimacy.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.