Sloppy Seconds: Don't Drive Angry

We did our best to avoid blowing up here at City of Ate HQ, but really, that tantalizing taste of vacation on Monday just made it easier to get bitter over the other four workdays. Times like that, when you're right on the edge of letting your temper go, the right food writing can be just the thing to convince you to make love, not war (or head to Plano for both at once).

The Week in Review(s):

  • Your own Dallas Observer: Dave follows up on the of the very public tumult that began at Mi Cocina, with a trip to Carolina's Mexican Cuisine, where he says you'll really enjoy the patio, if you can get through the parking lot without starting something.
  • Dallas Morning News: Park fails to win over Leslie Brenner (Dave's recent take found the glass closer to half-full). Still, it's a star better than Brenner's frustrating experience at Main Street Chop and Fish House.

Highlights from City of Ate:


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