Sloppy Seconds: Don't You Forget

Breakfast is really the only meal that could make that movie work. Not that The Supper Club couldn't be great too -- but it would have to go in a different direction. This week we learned that Lola is on the way out, even if plenty more places are just opening their doors. Wrapping up another week, all we've got left are the memories.

The Week in Review(s):

Highlights from City of Ate:

  • New Age Brain Freeze
    Whatever weird science lay behind the first few new-wave yogurt shops to land Stateside, it's all too formulaic now. On the occasion of FreshBerry's opening, Lisa looks at where the yogurt trend stands today.
  • Dude Food: Jalapeno Tree
    Scoring a "Schwarzenegger" on the dudeliness scale is pretty respectable, even if well shy of a "Bogart" -- or "Cameron Frye," for that matter. Spend an entire movie in a Gordie Howe jersey, and you're guaranteed a spot in the dude pantheon.
  • A Taste of 10 Dallas Milkshakes
    Speaking of which, the phrase "overpriced cup of mediocrity" has a real Cameron Frye ring to it, too.
  • Want To Test Locovore Ways? Wait Awhile.
    Dave ruminates on the practicality of a year-round locovore diet. He also mentions scurvy, which becomes consequential in the comments thread.

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