Sloppy Seconds: Reviewing the Week in Food, and Our First Reader Contest

Just in time for your weekend, we're dragging you all the way back to last Monday to revisit the best stuff you missed while you were doing whatever it is you do in your spare time. We're not asking. So each week, we'll round up the highlights from City of Ate and the new reviews of local restaurants. Plus, we'll add a reader contest into the mix, and give you the weekend to stew on your answers. So put down the green beer for a minute (yeah, the Midori cocktail too) and catch up on the best of our hard work that you might've missed this week.

The Week in Review(s):

Highlights from City of Ate:
  • The Face of Anonymity
    Dave wonders whether it's possible for a restaurant critic to keep a low profile when they're the only one left at their newspaper reporting on food, and whether anonymity ever mattered anyway.
  • Dude Food: Burger House
    Can a burger ever taste as good when you're not cutting class to get it? And is that really the same manager who worked here back in our high school days?
  • On the Range: Tamales
    We find authentic tamale goodness in the unlikeliest of places, like a surfboard-covered joint in Plano. Not so authentic they use actual pig's heads, though.
  • Girl Drink Drunk: ANTM Edition
    As a new season of America's Next Top Model begins, the GDD crew tackles the tough questions--like what Smirnoff Ice flavor fits goes best with which contestant.

...and finally, it's the first, as-yet-unnamed, City of Ate reader contest, in which we turn the tables on you, our occasional readers, to put everything right with Dallas's dining and drinking world. This week, we tackle "Five Sixty", the milktoasty name given to Wolfgang Puck's new place on Reunion Tower (itself the victim of an open naming contest).

For this first challenge we were tempted to ask, "What else would you name after its reading on a measuring tape?" But really, there's a time and place for jokes like that, and we run a family blog here. So we'll keep it simple. Let's say the name "Five Sixty" never stuck. Let's give Wolf's new digs a name we can be proud of, one that'll still be fresh months from now, like a fine Hostess pastry.

"Wanna (Puck)?" "The Original Rotating House of Pancakes?" We need some help.

Give Five Sixty a better name, and send it to Dave by next Thursday, March 19. He'll announce the lucky winner, and what they've won, in next week's Sloppy Seconds.

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Patrick Michels
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