Sloppy Seconds: Sweet Foods and Sour Jokes at Horne & Dekker

This week Dallas food bloggers and critics searched for exotic pizzas, beat the heat with cold beer and colder snow cones, followed the scent to taco stands and learned a lesson in German-to-English translation. Check out this week's Sloppy Seconds

The Week in Review(s):
Your own Dallas Observer:
Hanna Raskin learned the hard way that menu descriptions at Horne & Dekker are not to be taken literally. The cutesy menu and jokester decorations are sure to amuse, but overcooked and over-sweetened menu items are no laughing matter. Check out her full review here

Dallas Morning News:
With Leslie Brenner out for the week on vacation, the hands shot up to volunteer to eat for free. Mark Vamos visited Zea Woodfire Grill, run by Iron Chef America winner Kent Rathbun, and Emily Wise Miller 's sat down for a meal at El Tizoncito - a locally owned, authentic taquería disguised as a chain restaurant - and encountered a few surprises like black bean soup instead of chips and salsa and chopped pineapple among the condiments.

Dallas Food Blog Highlights:

Eats Blog: Christopher Wynn found not-your-average-cone-shaped shaved ice at LaGrange in Deep Ellum. Alcoholic versions make them even better. Leslie Brenner reported that the owners of Gloria's Tex-Mex restaurant and Mario Sabino's Mexican/Salvadorian restaurant are duking it out in court over Gloria's recipe for ceviche, among other items.

Sidedish: Allison Hatfield indulged her sweet tooth at The Cupcakery but fell short of being wooed by the bite-sized cakes and the frosting's iridescent glitter, and Nancy Nichols discovered the fruit and vegetable aspirations of our own City of Ate contributor Steven Doyle in a Q&A.

Pegasus News: 
Teresa Gubbins found that "wurst" must be German for "best" at Everything German, a grocer and deli in Bedford ran by a family who got hungry for a taste of Deutschland. Pegasus also reported that Seasons 52 will open its first Texas location in October at The Shops at Legacy in Plano.

City of Ate: José Ralat Maldonado made his first tasty stop on the The Taco Trail at the  Taco King. Kristy Yang found the luxurious and exotic Black Truffle Pizza at Neo by Olivella's; Jesse Hughey kept his Hophead cool with three summer beers; and Steven Doyle found out where the executive chef at Stephan Pyles dines after he takes off the white jacket.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.