Sloppy Seconds: Unexceptional food at the Common Table

This week's Dallas food blog coverage is a sampling of Vietnamese feasts and uncommonly bad food, a stolen can of Whoopass and stale popcorn, an elaborate post-Gospel Last Supper and vegan barbecue, and more highlights. Check out this week's Sloppy Seconds.

The Week in Review(s):
Your own Dallas Observer:
Hanna Raskin dubbed The Common Table in Uptown Dallas as a great place to drink beer and a not-so-great place to eat dinner, which is a shame considering that it's a restaurant. The staff was uninformed but well-meaning and the creatively named cocktails did little garner interest. Check out her full review here.

Dallas Morning News:
At Saigon Block in Richardson, Leslie Brenner ate her way through seven courses of beef called the bo bay mon and a seafood and vegetable hot pot called ta pin lu do bien. Try saying that with a mouth full of egg noodles. Here's the full review.

Dallas Food Blog Highlights:
Sidedish: Nancy Nichols swiped a can of Whoopass from Horne & Dekker in Henderson. After much naughty speculation, they popped the top. I fully expected Happy Gilmore to come out swinging but here's what they found. Kellyn Curtis ordered an 11-course dinner fit for a king at Aurora with an almost $600 bill to match. Chef and owner Avner Samuel will be serving its Last Supper at Aurora on Saturday, July 31.

Pegasus NewsTeresa Gubbins reported that Mercy for Animals, a nonprofit organization spreading the news about farming animal cruelty, hosted a vegan barbecue for the launch of its new Dallas branch last Saturday, while Five Sixty's $45 dinners sent the Gay List Daily into a hairy-toe-filled hallucination.

City of Ate:
Kristy Yang flipped over Ricotta Cheese Blueberry Pancakes and organic maple syrup at Villa-O's, but hold your mouth watering until the weekend. This yummy trio of cakes is only available for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. The all-you-can-eat-buffet of barbecue chicken and cheesy goop did little to comfort José Ralat Maldonado who was mourning the Angel's eminent loss to the Rangers. Some good ol' stale popcorn cheered him up. Daniel Rodrigue followed his nose to the Mercantile Coffee House and braved through blaring dance music to savor a traditional cup of joe made with Costa Rican coffee beans.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.