Slow Your Roll for a $5 Meal That -- Here's the Tricky Part -- Doesn't Involve a Drive-Thru

Slow Food USA is a non-profit group that works to bring good, clean and fair food to everyone in the country through grassroots movements. And this Saturday, Sept 17, they're asking you to redefine the value of a meal by participating in a $5 challenge.

"... Take back the value meal by getting together with family, friends and neighbors for a slow food meal that costs no more than $5 per person. Cook a meal with family and friends, have a potluck or find a local event."

That's crazy talk. Does a drive-thru count?

No. Silly. You completely missed the point. Drive thrus have commandeered the value meal and we need to take it back. Buy a roast for the family, throw it in the crock-pot with some potatoes and carrots. Add a side of fresh rolls. Eat slow. See what happens.

Urban Acres is taking the challenge. On Saturday they'll have a locally-sustained meal that will cost $5 per person.

"Anyone can come out this Saturday for lunch," said Liz Golding at Urban Acres. "We'll have burgers from the Nitschkes who live in Oak Cliff and have a ranch in Oklahoma. We'll also serve black bean veggie burgers and Bosque blue cheese cole slaw from the Veldhuizen Cheese Farm in Dublin, TX. We'll also have ice cream from Pearl Brand, a new local ice cream company."

Slow Food USA relies on local volunteer chapters to promote the idea that everyone should have access to affordable healthy food. If you're inspired by the idea, but can't work out the details this weekend for the $5 challenge, you can either host a meal another day or check out Slow Food USA website for other ways to get involved.

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