Small Brewpub Opens Tonight in Oak Cliff

After a long wait, Small Brewpub, the Oak Cliff brewpub that promises to turn the Gordon Bierch beer-and-pub-grub model upside down (before tossing it in the Trinity) opens tonight for its first full dinner service. Over previous weekends, Small has held a number of semi-private events at the restaurant, pouring their small batch beers for friends and Oak Cliff natives.

The brewery officially opened to the public this Tuesday, but the kitchen has remained idle as executive chef Misti Norris finalizes her menu. This evening executive she'll fire up her team sending plates of local inspired and hand crafted food out to the dining room.

The last time I talked with Norris back in September, the chef was up to her ears in sausages and hams. She was curing meat in every space she could find, building on the knowledge and experience she picked up as sous chef at FT33. The charcuterie plate pictured abouve is the result of all that work, and will be available this evening.

The growlers of beer vinegar and fermented strawberry vinegar Misti told us she was working on will likely join a host of other ingredients to produce an inspired menu that goes far beyond the deep-fried cheese stick fare you find at most brew pubs. They open up at 4 p.m. and will feed your belly and pour peppercorn pilsner and other beers until midnight.

Small Brewpub, 33 W Jefferson Blvd., smallbrewpub.com

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