Smithfield, Torturer of Future-Bacon, Renews Promise Its To Phase Out Gestation Crates

A few weeks back we told you (reminded you, really) about the evils of McDonald's pork supplier, Smithfield Foods. The Humane Society was roasting the commercial pig factory for its use of gestation crates, noted for their impossibly small size and generally considered a cruel and unusual way of breeding pigs.

Smithfield had pulled back on a previous promise to phase out the crates by 2017 -- a generous deadline considering many European pork producers with much smaller bank rolls had already quit using the crates. Some countries have even outlawed them altogether.

The attention seems to have worked. The company is now recommitting to phase out gestation crate confinement at all of its facilities by 2017, although it's not clear whether the Humane Societies campaign actually caused the turnaround. What is clear is the current state of the McRib sandwich. Four out of five experts agree that it is still disgusting, and the fifth expert is just the Hamburglar dressed up in an expert costume.

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