Snuffer's Cheddar Fries, the Institution, to be Featured on Travel Channel Show

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Pat Snuffer of Snuffer's, who eats endless amounts of those amazing cheddar fries every day (wouldn't you?), told me that the show Food Paradise of the Travel Channel is coming out to his restaurant on lower Greenville Avenue soon to film part of an episode. Snuffer said the show will focus on the cheddar fries, of course, and the burgers.

Food Paradise is a weekly series that takes one topic, like tailgating, bacon, cookies, or sandwiches and scours the country for the "best" places to find those cuisines.

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The locally famous colossal bowl of fries at Snuffer's is covered with as much as a pound of aged cheddar cheese, bacon, jalapeños and green onions. Snuffer's burgers are regular players on the "best burger" circuit, as well.

The episode hasn't been filmed yet, and Snuffer didn't think it would air until the fall. But, does this mean this Dallas gem will be packed with tourists and outta-towners devouring the cheese fries by the truckload? Well, just let'em try. Scott Reitz tangoed with the cheddar fries just recently and barely lived to tell about it. They'll learn quick...

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