Snuffer's Gets Snuffed on Serious Eats

On Friday, Ewan Macdonald posted an article on Serious Eats about the "simply decent, and no better than that" burger at Snuffer's, which made me slap both hands down on my desk (because of my inability to follow Ikea instruction manuals I almost knocked it over) and yell, "How dare he? He dare he write an article for a national blog about ... something we all already knew."

Yeah, we agree. Snuffer's burgers are an average gut-bomb whose primary purpose in life is to soak up the college debauchery from the night before.

But, love it or hate it, Snuffer's is, in fact, an institution in these parts. And the headline is a bit acrimonious: "Dallas: For a Local Institution, Snuffer's Still Has Some Work to Do."

Thing is, Snuffer's work is probably pretty much done. If they changed anything, Peruna (SMU's real-life pony mascot) would unleash a fury of wild bucking kicks and neighs. (In other news, is Peruna the most underrated mascot in college?)

Changing much of anything at an "institution" is to render it no longer an "institution." The narrative changes at that point. Then we'd all write blogs about the long-lost institution of Snuffer's.

It was unfortunate, however, that Macdonald got a really tired-looking bowl of cheese fries. Usually those are easy on the eyes. Scott Reitz's were much more impressive. Straight from our homer playbook, we'll post a proper pictures of Snuffer's cheese-fries.

Funny thing, Macdonald is the same blogger who previously incited the ire Hubcap Grill owner Ricky Craig in Houston. After Macdonald wrote that he was "distinctly underwhelmed" with the food, Craig came unglued and fired off a litany of (hilarious) DuckFallas tweets.

So far the ever-docile Pat Snuffer, who once told me he eats an order of cheese fries every day, hasn't unleashed on Twitter yet. Good call. We're keepin' it classy in Dallas, y'all.

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