So How's Hully & Mo Holding Up Without Mo? A Detroit Sports Writer Offers Her Take

Tonight marks the second time the Detroit Red Wings have come to town since acquiring center Mike Modano, so the Free Press' beat writer last night seized the opportunity to check out the restaurant Modano left behind.

Helene St. James veered from sports reporting to food criticism on her blog today, praising the salmon and service at Hully and Mo's. "To borrow one of (Red Wings head coach) Mike Babcock's favorite expressions: The food I had was delicious," she writes.

I sure hope I don't have to start attributing the adjective "delicious" every time I use it, but - as a native Michigander - I'm glad Babcock's finding sufficient reasons in the Motor City to throw the word around. (Maybe he's been eating the pies at Sweet Potato Sensations. Or pistachios from Germack. Or the burgers at Miller's Bar.)

St. James also approved of the restaurant's décor:

"I got curious when the driver, who also served as an excellent tour guide, said "and this is the gay part of town," (not that there's anything wrong with that) but it turned out not to be where Modano put his place," she writes. "The restaurant was a pleasant surprise - it has a very nice ambiance, and while jerseys and various memorabilia do decorate the walls, it's tastefully done."

No word yet on where St. James plans to eat lunch.


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