So Is Mac and Cheese A Black Thing?

Pat Robertson never ate mac and cheese at his Thanksgiving dinner, and after scratching my head deep in thought for the last three seconds, I'm pretty sure that I haven't either.

But Robertson's question of the dish as a Thanksgiving staple ("Is that a black thing?") along with the commentator's response ("The world needs to get on board with mac and cheese") has spurred a number of YouTube and blog responses, most skewering the conservative television mogul for not knowing what mac and cheese is.

I tend to think of mac and cheese as a prominently southern dish, its popularity untethered to skin color or social status. I grew up on it, even if it wasn't a prominent fixture on my Thanksgiving table. And I don't think Robertson intended to turn the dish into a racial divide but was perhaps lamenting the lack of oozy mac on his Thanksgiving table, too.

Either way, if loving mac and cheese is black I don't wanna be white.*

*Louis CK, on the other hand ...

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