So You Think You're Drunker Than We Are: This Week In Dallas Food News

Gloomy out there Dallas. Not just the clouds in the sky, either. Michael Martensen's tweet about Dallas' vapid drinks looms over Dallas' cocktail scene. Maybe the guy just needs another drink?

I could use one. But let's take a look at the Dallas food news scene from this week before we kick off the weekend.

I reviewed Sissy's this week and gushed about the place. Jeffery Hobbs' pressure-fried bird is worth a visit on its own. They've got a pretty great bar to sit at, too.

Dickey's promoted its recent arrangement with Sysco. Lauren wasn't impressed. She's got a point about the amount of stuff these guys send out. They sent me a bottle of their barbecue sauce months ago, but I looked at the label and saw that corn syrup was the first ingredient and decided to not even open it. A decent sauce has something else at the top of its ingredient lineup.

Lauren also checked in on the new Cabone's shop in Highland Park, and the recently opened Driftwood in Oak Cliff. Both are on my radar for further inspection.

Speaking of Oak Cliff, I found out that Mesa has an expansion in the works. The Reyes' restaurant stands on its food alone, but a new patio might compound your reasons for going there.

In Downtown Dallas food trucks have been getting the runaround. Putting up with City Hall's permitting process sounds about as fun as eating Justin's grilled chicken sandwich.

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie Brenner is tired of pork belly. She's tired of steakhouses, too. She gave Place at Perrys, the steakhouse that went from bottom rung to city favorite after her first review in 2009, a chilly two stars. Meanwhile Kim Peirce found peaches! While I share her love for the fuzzy stone fruit, I'm holding out till peaches peak.

Sidedish got all hangdog this week. I thought being a drunken idiot was a CoA thing. They've also got a cook review of Meddlesome Moth's recent beer dinner.

Entree Dallas has been eating a lot of burgers lately. Their latest a twofer burger session at Whiskey Cake examines the OMG burger. "The thing is a mess," according to the post. It looks like an all-out train wreck to me.

Guess I'll have to order one? But first I have to get out of here. Tune in next week, when CoA will rightfully reclaim our drunken crown from those crazies over at SideDish.

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