Some of Dallas' Best Restaurants Are Making Free* Pies for You


The most devout pie lovers won't purchase pies on principle. The enjoyment they derive isn't just from pie consumption but the preparation of beautifully constructed pies. Rubbing butter and flour with cool fingertips and working fragile pastry with a wooden pin are tactile pleasures that can rival that first bite of warm apple filling. Buying a pie cheapens things.

The rest of us just want a damn slice of pie, which it turns out can be expensive. Emporium Pies is asking $30 for a pumpkin pie this fall, and while that likely represents the upper end of Dallas' pie spectrum, it's clear that good pie isn't cheap.

Free pie, on the other hand, is enough to attract even the most devout pie bakers, and when it comes with a scoop of melting vanilla feel good can prove irresistible for everyone. Power of Pie is a locally based event sponsored by the Visiting Nurse Association to benefit Meals On Wheels. If you make a $25 donation they'll give you a free pie in your choice of pecan or pumpkin.

The kicker is the pies are baked at a number of area restaurants whose work you're really going to like on your holiday table. Spoon, Front Room, Empire Baking, Kent Rathbun, The Joule and more are all participating in what could potentially be a pie procession of historic proportions -- but that's only if enough if you pony up.

You should know the participating bakers are donating their time and ingredients, so the entirety of your donation will go to help feed the elderly who receive care at home. You're running out of excuses aren't you? That rolling pin (do you even own one?) is looking pretty dusty, too.

Give in and place your order.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.