Something Mysterious is Cooking in Oak Cliff

North Oak Cliff residents who earlier this year set up a temporary café as an example of how a livable community might look are making their vision more permanent with a new restaurant.

The team behind the project - Jason and Andrea Roberts, Eric and Amy Cowan and Eno's founder Matt Spiller -- is zip-lipped about what's planned for the Seventh Avenue venue previously occupied by Vitto's. "It's still under wraps," Jason Roberts e-mails.

Without approaching anything that might be mistaken for specifics, Cowan did tell Rob Shearer at Go Oak Cliff's blog that "this is an entirely different concept from Eno's."

Fortunately, the mission's far less mysterious than the menu:

"We thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try and put a stake in the ground to create a space that we not only had ownership in, but also could continue to promote community through," Roberts says.

That's got a local ring to it, and Roberts confirms community gardens will play a role in the eatery. He also promises -- perhaps in a sop to this bike-riding reporter -- "plenty of bike parking."

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