WWMLKD? We bet he wouldn't sleep in on Monday.
WWMLKD? We bet he wouldn't sleep in on Monday.

Soup's On! Get Your Rear in Gear and Volunteer for MLK Jr. Day

Monday, January 17, is when we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in honor of a courageous man who believed in all of us and believed we all deserve an equal share of the American dream. It's no wonder then that MLK Day is an official Day of Service. We must all pull together and to pull all up from the mire. In case you think we're going to advocate going out for chicken and waffles, perhaps catfish, as a way to support those in the service industry, think again. City of Ate would like you to consider volunteering your time at one of the following food-focused organizations.

Visiting Nurse Association/Meal on Wheels Martin Luther King Jr. Day Meal Deliveries If you have a car and about two hours to spare, there really is no reason why you can't help feed those who can't feed themselves. That is, unless you're an agoraphobe or a curmudgeon. We think better of you.

The North Texas Food Bank Since 1982, this organization, its staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to feed the hungry. One of the ways it has done so is by partnering with local celebrity chefs. For example, The NTFB 2011 calendar printed in association with Central Market includes dishes by Iron Chef-killer Kent Rathbun. If you donate $1 -- one buck, y'all! -- you're providing the NTFB with four meals. Spare a buck, or a can.

The Stewpot You thought we wouldn't include a soup kitchen? For 35 years, this organization has been reaching out to those who need a warm meal, health-care services and whatever the more than 2,000 volunteers at The Stewpot can provide. One more volunteer will do wonders for, as The Stewpot folks like to say, "serving second chances."


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