Spiral Diner and the Fort Worth Police Are Giving Away Tofu Turkeys, and Some People Are Pissed

Leading up to Thanksgiving, the Fort Worth Police Department made national news by giving away turkeys during traffic stops. As news of the acts of kindness spread, FWPD was contacted by the animal rights group PETA, which suggested the department do the same thing with tofu turkeys. Being the good sports they are, FWPD has partnered with PETA and Spiral Diner, the DFW vegan restaurant, to give away tofu turkeys and vegan desserts to folks who need them. The meat-free holiday hand-outs commence at 1 p.m. today at the corner of Main and Third Street in downtown Fort Worth.

Even if you're fervently in the meat-eating camp, it's hard not to find it heartwarming that the department is going out of its way to spread holiday cheer to those who don't or can't consume animal products. By and large, most of the social media comments on Facebook posts about the program have been positive. But of course, there is also a cadre of Texans who have decided that giving away meat-free meals is a personal affront to their very existence — because lord knows you can't enjoy the holiday with your family if you know that somewhere out there, a family in need is eating a meat-free meal they didn't pay for.

Here's a sampling of some of the not-so-holly-jolly comments people have been leaving on posts about the tofu turkey program — including on a post by the Fort Worth Police Department.

Nothing says peace on earth and goodwill toward all quite like bitching about a police department giving away meat-free holiday meals to people who may otherwise not have a protein on the table this Christmas.

If you're meat-free and in need in Fort Worth, we encourage you to take advantage of the program — and to learn from these comments about how not to act toward your fellow man this holiday season.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.