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Spork, Your Roadside Ticket to a Tire-Shaped Midsection, Is Open

What if all of your favorite Dallas chefs came together Avengers-style to wage an epic battle against shitty fast food? What if their lair was space-themed with planetary paintings, galactic murals and enough neon to cast a dusky glow that could be seen as far away as Fort Worth? What if, finally, a restaurant in North Dallas opened that wasn't boring?

Things like these can happen when superpowers combine. The future is now, earthlings; Get ready for Spork's take on the roadside restaurant of the future.

It's a cast like unlike any that has ever been assembled in Dallas. Katherine Clapner offers sweetness with her Dude, Sweet Chocolate powers, while Sean Conner of Pie 3.14 backs her up. Tim Byres will sear burgers with his laser vision, while preparing other dishes with his ability to manipulate smoke and fire.

The Avenger Chefs are under the direction of Christopher Jeffers, Christopher Zielke, and Karen Schultz of Turn the Tables Hospitality: the same folks that brought you Bolsa and Smoke. The trio will float around in levitating wheelchairs barking orders at the Avenger Chefs while delivering your milkshake with a perfectly bent straw. Meanwhile, Spork is the fast casual restaurant to completely bend your perceptions of fast casual restaurants.

The big question is: Why would such a powerful team of chefs come together to renovate a Sonic drive-thru? I wouldn't dare to wager a guess. Instead, I'll let that plot unfold over time while I watch with plastic utensils in hand.

You could join me. They opened last night, and things are only supposed to get better as the weather warms up and the patio with more than 100 seats open. Expect a family friendly experience with burgers, sandwiches, cocktails and milkshakes, plenty of games, and something called a salad. Spork, 6110 Frankford Road, 214-643-6871,

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