Spring Is Here, and Summer's Coming: This Week In Dallas Grubbing

If you went out for lunch today, you're well aware that spring is here. Summer probably isn't too far off, which has me thinking about crab shacks, lobster rolls and other things near the shore. Maybe that's why I decided to review Sea Breeze Fish Market and Grill. The Plano restaurant has no surf or sand, but with a cold beer in one hand and a lobster roll in the other, you could almost pretend.

Elsewhere in City of Ate, Lauren bitched about Pinkberry, and I bitched about coconut water. While Lauren was upset about the cost of her frozen treat, I thought coconut water just didn't taste very good.

We also welcomed Chicken Scratch to the Dallas world of elevated fried chicken. Paired up with a neighboring bar, the Foundry, Tim Byres new offering is the ying to Lisa Garza's fried-chicken yang.

The Beard nominations are out and the Mansion's Bruno Davaillon is headed to NYC. We reached out to congratulate the chef, and asked him where he'd be eating while he spent time in Manhattan. Bar Boulud, anyone?

Elsewhere in the Dallas blogosphere, Pegasus has turned up a new Indian restaurant and grocery focusing on food from the Kerala region. South Indian coastal cuisine means spicy seafood curry to me, and if they do it right that yucca and fish curry deserves some attention, fast.

Over on The Dallas Morning News, Mark Vamos reviewed Tillman's Roadhouse and awarded zero stars. I can't say I loved the time I spent in the Oak Cliff staple, either, but zero stars? Ouch. The DMN also checked out Sea Breeze, and they dig on that lobster roll, too.

Didn't we open this post with a line or two about the weather? That sun isn't getting any higher in the sky. I think it's about time to shut down our work stations and find a decent patio to enjoy. See you guys next week.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.