Spring Vegetables, Spring Festivals and Lots of Tequila: The Week In Dallas Eating

More festivals this weekend. The 6th Annual Real Texas Festival kicks off today. I wasn't around for it last year, but Nick Rallo was and he gave the event a ringing endorsement. There are worse ways to spend your time than sampling barbecue from entrants chasing a $500 grand champion prize. Things kick off at 5 p.m. today, but don't sneak out yet. We have a week to wrap up first.

This week I reviewed Bolsa. Jeff Harris and Matt Balke's new spring menu feels like a rebirth for the restaurant, and it's a compelling place to eat right now.

Yu Darvish should be pitching this weekend. Which means you'll be able to get one of these at Rangers Ballpark. There's no word yet if any of Sara's ideas have been incorporated into the stadium's offerings.

Tabbedout isn't available at the stadium, but it is working at nearly 50 locations around Dallas. If you're caught up at a busy bar this weekend you should give the app a spin.

Over at the Morning News Leslie Brenner reviewed Sissy's and gave Lisa Garza's new homage to southern hospitality four stars. The beerita, however, is not Brenner's favorite cocktail.

Side Dish has a sweet first look on Carbone's, the new semi-casual Italian eatery in Highland Park. They also reviewed Central 214.

It took 800 steps, but Robb Walsh finished his fermented pepper sauce. He calls the resultant brew sublime. And in just a few steps Joylicious made honey lavender Popsicles that will only look more attractive as the mercury climbs.

And while this post from the Glut Life is a week old, I still wanted to point it out. Mojitos are as bastardized a drink as margaritas and it's nice to see someone treat a classic cocktail with respect. The biggest reason I dig the post is the guy's restraint with sugar.

Speaking of drinks, you know what time it is. We'll be back next week with an Oak Cliff game changer and tons of beer.

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