Squirreling Away For The Recession

In these deflating economic times, some of us here at the Observer have been doing our best to, oh, dole out less dough for lunch. Hell with stimulating the economy. One of us announced recently that she'd spent $72 on lunches in one week--and unemployment rates continued to climb.

So lunch has devolved into frozen leftovers in what one DO-er dubbed the Recession Room--located across from Dave Faries' office, where he apparently spends the noon hour huddled with a mug of appetite suppressant called "whisky."

On Friday, though, a few of us took our lunches to the park. Along the way, I stopped by 7-Eleven and bought the following: a chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread, a stick of string cheese, a bag of 7-Select salt and vinegar potato chips, and a can of tropical juice. Grand total: $6.01...Damn, still about three bucks more than a Sonic value menu, but just as nutritious.

Of course, one of the writers thinks it will be cheaper to fatten up some free range squirrels...

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