Starting Tonight, the Dallas Observer Serves Up Cocktails & Covers at the House of Blues

A top-notch cover band is more than a facsimile of the real thing -- they can bring out all the love you had for the original band and let you forget the sadder real-life moments, like band break-ups or anything that would have turned up on VH1's Behind the Music. And what better way is there to enjoy a cover band than with a happy hour?

Starting today, every Thursday night for the rest of summer the Dallas Observer will bring you "Cocktails & Covers," a concert series at the House of Blues featuring local cover and tribute bands.

From July 25 to September 5 you can come see the best covers the area has to offer while getting your drink on. More details here.

Tonight: Skyrocket! Maybe you love '80s and current music in general and aren't looking for a cover of one specific band. In that case tonight's show with Skyrocket! is for you. Make sure to show up and grab some free Ciroc Vodka samples.

August 1: Le Cure It's not a mispronunciation of "the heart" in French -- it's Dallas' premiere Cure cover band. Nominated for Best Cover Band (twice) by the Observer.

August 8: With Or Without U2 If you're looking for Irish singers out to save the world, whacky sunglasses or clever punning of song titles and band names, With or Without U2 is what you need.

August 15: The Gorehounds Maybe some CBGB punk is more your style. Then check out the Gorehounds, a tribute to the Cramps, and be sure to show up in your finest fishnets.

August 22: Ducado Vega When the summer heats wears on and the work week gets you down, sometimes the only cure is 70's funk. That's where Ducado Vega comes in. Winner of the Dallas Observer Music Awards Best Funk Act in 2011.

August 29: Arm Tha Homeless Like the name of the band they pay tribute to (Rage Against the Machine) Arm Tha Homeless is both an order and philosophy. We also hear that they're Paul Ryan's favorite tribute band.

September 5: Money for Nothing Billed as "Fort Worth's Premiere Cover Band." Eager to see what makes them so great? You'll have to join us and celebrate the end of the summer in style.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.