State Fair Concessions Director on Quest For Next Fletcher's Corn Dog

The State Fair of Texas last week announced its theme for 2011, but the real start of Fair-anticipation season might come next week when representatives head down to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo to scout out concession ideas.

Concession area director Carey Risinger and Kelly Pound, producer of the Auto Show, annually visit the rodeo. In the fall, rodeo staffers return the favor.

"It is always great to get to visit other events that share the same challenges," Risinger e-mails. "We always get an idea or two."

According to a Tweet sent yesterday from the Houston Press' Eating Our Words account, "Some of the more interesting foods this year at the rodeo" include "chocolate-covered jalapeños, chocolate-covered pickles and fried Moon Pies."

While those snacks have already been sold at the State Fair, Risinger hasn't given up on finding a new food to impress a crowd that considers fried beer passé.

Risinger e-mails: "I always feel that around the next corner is the next Fletcher's Corn just never know......but it has been a long journey so far...."


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