State Fair of Texas: Favorite Food of Fairs Past

Since Jose Ralat Maldonado announced on this blog the finalists for this years Big Tex Choice Awards for Best Fried Foods at this year's upcoming festival, it brought back memories of fairs past and all the folderol created last year by Abel Gonzales' award-winning Fried Butter -- or the Chicken-Fried Bacon, Fried Coke, or the Viva Las Vegas Fried Ice Cream, top vote-getters from years past.

So, naturally,we had to ask the question of City of Ate readers: What's the best and/or most unusual and/or revolting fried treat you've ever had at the fair?

Many hard-core Dallas dwellers swear by the cult of the eternal Fletcher's Corny Dog, but let's not be boring. You can buy corny dogs at the the store -- but frozen peaches and cream?

Come on, spill your faves. To jostle your memory, here are lists of past fried food winners. Don't see anything your heart desires on the list? Then come up with your own suggestions for a plunge in hot oil. (We're looking for food items here, not people...so please, don't suggest any, say, celebrities for a batter dip. Unless you can come up with a fitting combo, that is. For instance, we'd like to see -- if not munch -- deep-fried Glenn Beck balls, since he sure has some big ones for ripping off MLK.)

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