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State Health Department Warns of Unsafe Mercury Levels in Local Fish

The state health department just released a warning for Texan seafood lovers. Fish examined from the northwestern Gulf of Mexico contained mercury at concentrations that exceed health guidelines. That means if you're pregnant (or even thinking about it) or under the age of 12 -- no more wahoo for you.

The warning applies to most large species of predatory fish that slowly accumulate mercury over their lifespans from consuming smaller fish. Shark, blackfin tuna, little tunny, crevalle jack, king mackerel, swordfish and wahoo are all listed on the warning.

People not interested in procreation who are over the age of 12 can consume the fish but they shouldn't make a habit of eating it regularly. Most of the fish listed in the warning should only be consumed twice a month, with smaller king mackerel (less than 35 inches) being suitable for weekly consumption.

Blue marlin, however, the most popular game fish -- the one with a big sail you often see hanging on the wall of your favorite seafood restaurant -- is not considered safe in any quantity for any consumer.

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