Steak Bullying, Off-Site Buzz and More from the Week in Dallas Dining

Am I in the clear yet? I just checked the weather report for the weekend and there's a pollen alert, but I feel fine. I've never had allergies, yet everyone has told me Texas would be all to happy to provide me with some. So far I feel OK... How are the rest of you doing?

This week I reviewed Del Frisco's Grille. I wasn't so hot for the food, but for whatever reason I enjoyed my time there. The place had a lot of energy and I always found someone to talk to when I was at the bar. The Grille also gave me an excuse to launch into a rant that seemed to resonate with most of you. Has anyone said no, yet?

Elsewhere on City of Ate, we told you about the pixie pop-up pie shop you should visit this weekend. We blogged about their innovative crusts a while ago.

Have you been to Off-Site Kitchen yet? The buzz continues to build. I really can't wait to visit them again on a warm-weather weekend. Maybe all the organic farmers who are in town this weekend will shop at the new Central Market. But I'm sure they won't be eating at Chili's.

Leslie Brenner danced with Mr. Mesero this week. I was shy on the food, loved the service. Brenner hated both. And we both got some flack in the comments for it. Otherwise the Eats Blog seems slow lately.

Side Dish, on the other hand ... look at this. When Carol Shih does Asian food it makes me giddy. I might have a food blog crush and I don't care if she picks on me for dining alone.

Crave DFW has a cool pictorial on burrata, which may fuel my next rant. Does anyone think Dallas' burrata offering could be a touch more creamy? Those pictures look like regular mozz, and they match the burrata I watched being served at Victor Tango's. Sounds like it might be time for a burrata shoot-out.

Slow week indeed. That's all that's really grabbing me. But I think next week should be good. We're gonna eat a lot of brisket tacos (right after a meatless Monday of course) and celebrate president's day in true City of Ate fashion. Oh, and cat poop coffee: there will be some of that, too. See ya Monday.

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