Stuck at DFW? Bummer. Here Are Your Eight Best Bar and Bites Options

Total bummer about American Airline's computer glitch out at D/FW Airport. The bad news is your stuck in the awkward space between nowhere and home (or, even worse, vacation!). The good news is, you have some food and beverage options to pass the time. Funny thing about the airport bubble, it's sort of like prison -- the similarities being confinement to a certain area and body searches, the differences being you're actually paying them for this trip. Oh joy.

Seems that the good folks at D/FW Airport anticipated your captivity and they've beefed up the entertainment options as of late. There are even nap rooms! Oh, a little snoozer will make this time fly, right? Sorry, bad analogy. But, if an afternoon nap just totally throws you off, here are eight other things to do:

Cousin's Bar-B-Q, Terminal D, Gate 28 For a taste of local barbeque, let your stomach lead you over to Terminal D for a little Cousin's brisket. In the words of Gavin Cleaver "If you like food that punches your taste buds with zest, fury, meat and joy, then you cannot go wrong with Cousin's ribs. They are some of the best I have ever had.

Cantina Laredo Terminal D, Gate 27 Four important words: "Signature Tequilas and Margaritas." And fajitas. See, this day isn't so bad afterall.

Tigin Irish Pub. Terminal D, Gate 20 Tigin is the Irish word for "small cottage," but we think it probably also means a perfect pint of Guinness. They have all the standard Irish and English heavy beers on draught, plus Coronas for you light-weights. There's also a solid collection of Bushmill whiskeys, Jameson (12-year and 18-year), Red Breast plus a few others. Don't know much about Irish whiskey? Need I say it? OK: Now is the time to learn yourself.

Salt Lick Bar-B-Que Terminal A, Gate 16 The Salt Lick is originally out of Austin. It was cool before everyone knew how cool Austin was. Now, you might think that any 'que at an airport is going to suck, and you may be right. But, consider your options. (Dickey's should NOT be one of those options, however.)

Reata Grill, Terminal D, Gate 33 (Upper level) The Reata is the real fancy-pants Texan-cuisine spot in the center of charming downtown Fort Worth, where they serve up plates of stacked chicken enchiladas, backed by some of the best chefs in cowtown. This airport outpost lacks the ambiance, but considering the circumstances, you'll waddle out with the swagger of John Wayne all the same.

III Forks Terminal D, Gate 27 (Upper level) If Steve Martin had dining options like this in Trains, Planes and Automobiles, it would have been a whole other story. Promise. Have a steak or some "ocean fresh" seafood. You've earned it.

Tequileria, Terminal E, Gate 12 A tequileria is a place that has tequila. I don't think we need to expand on this much more other than they also have pulled pork carnitas and salmon quesadilla.

Cool River Café, Terminal D, Gate 25 This might be where you'll find the best-looking people at the airport. They have an extensive wine collection as well as steaks and seafood with a southern flair.

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