Stuff Strangers' Chili in Your Face for the Benefit of White Rock Local Market This Weekend

As we've mentioned before, the White Rock Local Market is a great place to buy local produce from local farmers, which might sound locally redundant but unfortunately it isn't always. This community-inspired market is held the second and fourth Saturdays at the Green Spot, at 702 North Buckner Blvd.

This particular fourth Saturday, March 24, they're also hosting a chili cook-off, in an effort to raise a little money for the market. Open to any and all cooks, there are specific categories to compete in, including hot and spicy, vegetarian, unique and best overall. Judges for the competition are local chefs Brian Luscher from the Grape, Jeffery Hobbs from Sissy's Fried Chicken and Graham Dodds from Central 214. The entry fee for the chili cook off is $20.

The WRLM needs the money for a variety of things, including operating the market, field trips for kids, workshops and developing an after-school program for high school kids.

They're still in the process of working out the specifics, but the idea is to have a group of kids manage a garden plot at a community garden and eventually be in charge of buying and reselling produce at a market and managing the profit.

"This project will serve many needs, but I see two as the most basic," Perry told me via email. "First, small farms in North Texas often have the problem of where to sell their produce, and do not always have the man power to go to farmers markets. So the kids will be able to bring the produce to market for farmers. Second, and most obvious, is connecting urban kids directly to where food comes from, helping them learn how to grow or make it, and giving them experience in managing a small business. It is our hope that the kids could keep some of the profits as salary."

But they need funding. And the chili cook-off is one way they're raising funds. Visit the WRLM for more details on how to enter the chili cook-off.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.