Sugar Pine Creamery In Plano Offers a Perfect Soft Serve Swirl of Eccentric Flavors

Sugar Pine is named after its namesake flavor, Mountain Pine, which is available at the end of the year.
Sugar Pine is named after its namesake flavor, Mountain Pine, which is available at the end of the year. Sugar Pine Creamery
Lilis Pramasurja, owner of Sugar Pine Creamery in Plano, has an “emotional attachment” to ice cream. This relationship was forged during her childhood in Indonesia then broadened later as she traveled around the world. All of this is evident in her fun and eclectic menu of soft-serve ice cream.

A recent menu included peach with caramel, pineapple blueberry and buttermilk, and coconut mascarpone. Curious to try these flavors? You only have two weeks, as Sugar Pine Creamery rotates its menu that often. But not to worry, that only means even more pairings are in the works. Constantly creating unique flavors comes easy for Pramasurja, as she is always finding inspiration either from her past or from customers' requests and comments.

Curating a six-flavor menu (two of which are always dairy-free) involves surprisingly delightful flavor combinations, a colorful appearance and, most important, the perfect balance of sweetness and flavor.

Pramasurja strives to use seasonal ingredients sourced from small local businesses in order to offer the freshest soft serve ice cream, all of which is made in-house.
click to enlarge Mangonada soft serve ice cream with chamoy drizzle and spicy dried mango - SUGAR PINE CREAMERY
Mangonada soft serve ice cream with chamoy drizzle and spicy dried mango
Sugar Pine Creamery
Their most popular flavors include Butterbeer (inspired by the Harry Potter franchise), black sesame, pandan and toasted marshmallow. Other flavors, such as brie apricot, buckwheat and tomato strawberry are surprisingly pleasant. Mountain Pine is the store’s namesake flavor made with young buds of pine leaves and is offered once toward the end of the year.

The menu is displayed on a whimsical chalkboard on the sidewalk in front of the store and posted on their Instagram. Since opening in January 2019, the shop has had many regulars who visit each time a new menu is released and a few that come as many as three times a week.

The shop inside is bright and playful with furniture, decorations and artwork (including their popular menu) all handcrafted by Wan Wong, Pramasurja’s college sweetheart turned husband. Together they have two sons who help run the store on nights and weekends. While unique flavors and thoughtful aesthetics bring people to the shop, Pramasurja creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that gives a feeling of familiarity. Even as a first-time visitor, you may find yourself greeted by Pramasurja, which leads to a conversation as if you were longtime friends.

When asked about her inspiration for Sugar Pine Creamery’s home-like atmosphere, Pramasurja recounts her days growing up in Indonesia.

“When I grew up, my auntie’s neighborhood store was where everybody hung out. The auntie watched out for us and all of the other neighborhood kids. She always treated each of us like we were special,” Pramasurja said.

After emigrating from Indonesia to the United States in 1983 and settling in Plano in 1995, she had a  corporate career, but her current role as an ice cream auntie gives her “the most rewarding work.” While sharing unique flavors in a city growing in international tastes, she finds happiness creating a space where neighbors can come together, whether it is to celebrate a milestone or to simply enjoy each other’s company over a wonderfully made sweet treat.

Sugar Pine Creamery, 6832 Coit Road, Suite 270B Plano, (469) 298-8864. Open Tuesdays - Sundays 2 - 8 p.m.
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