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Sundown at Granada Has a New, More Organic Menu with Fewer GMOs

For the past year Sundown at Granada has been making a name for itself as a restaurant that serves vegan and vegetarian food that's damn good -- and not just damn good for vegan and vegetarian food. As executive Chef Patrick Stark told Lauren Smart last week, he's also been interested in pursuing a menu that's as free of genetically modified organisms as possible. Now the Greenville joint has unveiled a new menu that features the fruits of his labors.

The Granada boasts that its new menu is 70 percent organic and 99 percent GMO-free. Like Stark said last week, the last non-GMO-free item on the menu is the sweet potato fries, but there are GMO-free substitutions available. He calls the it an "equal opportunity" menu, one that accommodates vegetarians, vegans, paleo diets, gluten-free diets and even people who have no dietary restrictions.

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Stark is nothing if not thorough. All the meats, eggs and dairy at Sundown are organic. The fish are all wild-caught and the buns and breads all have gluten-free options. New items include the Fast Break Flatbread with eggs, gouda and organic bacon (breakfast, get it?); panko-crusted wild bass with pea puree, sunchoke fires and bok choy; quinoa stir fry with seasonal vegetables; and a brunch panzanella with roasted beets, pretzel croutons and mozzarella.

In a food world where restaurants tend to focus on one dietary niche (barbecue, vegan, seafood, etc.), it's always satisfying to find restaurants that are willing and able to cater to swaths of diets. Don't be surprised if a new menu soon pops up that boasts 100 percent for both organic and non-GMO items.

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