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Super Bowl Side Benefit: Lunch Downtown on a Weekend

Dallas eaters who live downtown may be the unintended beneficiaries of this weekend's anticipated Super Bowl hubbub.

While many downtown lunch spots typically shut down for the weekend, at least one sandwich shop has announced plans to stay open this Saturday. For the first time ever, Jason's Deli on Main Street -- an outlet of the 200-location chain based out of Beaumont -- will serve lunch on Saturday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

"With all the people staying at hotels, there are going to be people out and about," the store manager says.

As Andrea Grimes reported yesterday on Unfair Park, downtown's still-icy streets are eerily quiet; the only hint that the Super Bowl's mere days away is a giant Doritos ad with built-in video screen alongside the Joule Hotel.

But the crew at Jason's is confident traffic will pick up. Plus, they have catering orders to fill, which may be the more significant impetus for deviating from regular hours. Asked whether he'd heard of any other downtown restaurants planning to stay open this weekend, the manager said, "Not that I know of, no, ma'am."

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Hanna Raskin
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