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Super Chix Has Sandwich-Shamed Chick-fil-A. Bless Them.

Last week we reported on Yum! Brands' new creation, which is appropriately dubbed Super Chix. The parent company of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut has reincarnated battered and fried bird strips, including this sandwich pictured above, in an apparent bid to take over the Chick-fil-A audience.

On my first trip I concentrated on the ambiance and vibe (think Chipotle), and the chicken strips -- particularly since they were free that day. Later in the week I pushed all my pennies into a pile for one of their build-it-your-way sandwiches.

When you order a sandwich at Super Chix, there's a pretty big "free toppings" section on the menu to choose from. Go for gold here. Be in it to win it. I ordered mine with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, sweet pickles, jalapeños and haystack onions. I only left out two other types of pickles (kosher and hot).

Super Chix's bun has a little sweetness to it, although it hardly holds together a fully loaded sandwich. I'm not too much a hater about this, though. I'm at peace with a sloppy sandwich and would rather have too little bread than too much. But between those faltering buns was crispy, moist, flavor-bursting goodness, along with a sparkle of fire from those jalapeños balanced by sweet pickles. Halfway through I was plotting my next sandwich. (Probably Sunday. Just because I can.)

As I mentioned previously, this is the only Super Chix in the galaxy (southeast corner of Cooper and Park Row). And it's in central Arlington about 8.4 minutes south of Interstate 30 or 9.3 minutes north of Interstate 20, depending on which lights you hit. The Arlington High Colts live just across the street and UTA is about a mile away (which, I figure, is why this spot is their test market. Possibly?).

And praise heaven, they're open on Sundays.

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