Supreme Court Needs Cake in the Break Room

If you're a human with a computer or maybe just a smartphone or maybe just a head with a brain inside of it, you are likely privy to the Defense of Marriage Act and the Supreme Court hearings this week. Or maybe you changed your profile picture because UGH, SUPREME COURT.

It started with this, the Human Rights Campaign's official symbol:

It probably looks familiar, as I'm assuming much of your Facebook feed went red a couple of days ago. Political debate aside, the Internet has a magical habit of taking things (serious and not serious) and making them HI-FUCKING-LARIOUS. And cats. Although the foundation of this entire movement has a very serious undertone, there's always room for Corgi puppies and bacon.

Because much of my daily life requires constant Internet connectivity, I have noticed a rapid growth of spinoffs on the now famous symbol, some of which feature delicious depictions of parallel food. Yes, Yoda and Grumpy Cat are also fabulous derivatives of the Marriage Equality symbol, but this is a food blog for the LOVE OF TARDAR.

Here are the 10 best food-related variations from around Google the WORLD.

1. Equal Bacon.

2. Even terrible beer can be equal.

3. Equal Matzoh. And with such perfect timing.

4. Equal Pancakes. With butter. Because butter.

5. Speaking of Butter. Marriage equality, y'all.

6. Equal Pizza. Man, square pizza. Brings back middle school. Memories, amiright?

7. Equal Peeps. Because Passover is over now, OK?

8. Equal Cake. Maybe if there was some cake in the Supreme Court's break room ....

9. OK, technically these are just corn dogs. But they're parallel. And have an open mind.

10. Equal Willie Nelson. This isn't really food-related. But it will be in about 20 minutes.

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