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TABC Dismisses Complaint Against Katy Trail Ice House

Back in January we published a blog post that described some tense negotiations between Park Towers residents and the nearby Katy Trail Ice House. Condominium residents had filed a complaint with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, alleging noise from the outdoor beer garden infringed on their otherwise peaceful Park Towers existence. Today, the Dallas Morning News reports that the disagreement has been dismissed.

It's drinking as usual at the Katy Trail Ice House.

You can read the whole finding over on the original article, but the gist of the dismissal is here...

Although we understand your concerns about the noise issue, there were only three complaints filed with the police within the past two years. Therefore, without some additional evidence that a violation of law will or has occurred, there are insufficient grounds to conduct a protest hearing or deny the application under the Code at this time.

Hopefully everyone at the Park Tower Condominium will hit up Amazon, buy a nice pair of Sennheiser's and live and let live. But the language in the dismissal certainly leaves things open, should other area residents decide to complain about the bar.

Hopefully that won't happen. The Katy Trail Ice House is still one of the best places to watch baseball outside, and if you haven't noticed, opening day isn't all that far away.

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