Taco Bell Brings Even More Free Food;
And You Asked for It

Say city regulations never change, and Dallas remains a food-cart desert. Would you settle for a cheery corporate take on the mobile unit fad?

Taco Bell's hoping the answer's yes, because it's looking to bring its truck back to town. The bright purple Taco Bell Truck, which made a brief stopover during the NBA All-Star Game last February, is now traveling east from San Diego.

"We do hope to bring it to Dallas (as there is a good demand by our Twitter followers in your area)," spokesperson Deb Bell confirms via e-mail. (Seriously. Deb Bell. Apparently all Taco Bell corporate employees take the company's name as a sign of loyalty. It's either that, or they have to eat there. Which would you choose?)

The Taco Bell truck predates the current food cart craze by decades, having emerged in the early 1990s as a vehicle to rival wheeled promotional machines like the Weinermobile. But the company revamped its approach after Kogi BBQ Truck famously made Twitter its preferred communication method, using the social media network to broadcast locations. Rather than continuing to send its truck to sporting events, Taco Bell began appealing to Twitter users for schedule suggestions.

Since Taco Bell created @tacobelltruck, the account's picked up 9,025 followers.

"It seemed to be all the right makings of a nice equation that people would really gravitate to, and that's what we've seen," spokesman Will Bortz told an industry web site last year.

Bell says the truck, which gives away free tacos, isn't exactly at every Twitter user's bidding: Its itinerary still hinges on major events. But its appearances do depend "on the demand from our followers," she e-mails.

Taco Bell lovers, tweet on.

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