Tacodeli brings some Austin Taco Culture to Dallas.
Tacodeli brings some Austin Taco Culture to Dallas.
Kevin Marple

Tacodeli to Open Next Week

Sylvan Thirty keeps on pouring on the cool. Next week Austin-based Tacodeli will add to a growing list of interesting restaurants to fill out the newly constructed development.

Chef and founder Roberto Espinosa and partner Eric Wilkerson will open their first Dallas location on  October 29, giving locals another option for their dressed up taco consumption. A menu of 40 tacos will be available for breakfast and lunch, but if you're hungry in the evening you'll have to hop across the street to Ten Ramen or Cibo Divino.

Tortillas won't be made in house, sadly, but Tacodeli is embracing the next best thing by getting their rounds from West Dallas' La Nortena Tortillas. Ingredients will also be sourced from around the area, including everyone's favorite orange-yolked eggs from Vital Farms.

As a bonus, the place is BYOB. Perhaps you arrive at Tacodeli with a six-pack of cervezas and request a few cups of ice for you and your amigos. With a little hot sauce and some lime wedges that I am sure that are laying around by the thousands, you could set up your own table-top michelada bar.

Tacodeli, 1878 Sylvan Ave., 214-760-1930, tacodeli.com

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