Tacoheads Roll in Cowtown; Dallas Remains
A Food-Truck Wasteland, Fingers Cry

Dallas' little sister, Fort Worth is showing up Big D. First the city hosted the contestants of The Great Food Truck Race. Now, adding insult to injury, Tacoheads, a food trailer trading in -- you guessed it -- tacos, is opening tonight in Cowtown. To celebrate the event, Sarah Castillo, Tacoheads' owner ,will be holding a party at 7 p.m. in the parking lot of Irish pub Poag Mahone's (700 Carroll St.). The location is ideal for business, as it's near Montgomery Plaza, a luxury loft and condo development, Trinity Park, and other bars.

The custom-built trailer is the brainchild of Castillo, who somehow navigated the city's health codes. However, she said it wasn't too expensive. It probably has to do with the environment supportive of entrepreneurs in Fort Worth. "It's such a growing city. I think they are really into local businesses opening. One inspector even said, 'We are not trying to keep you out of business. We just want it done right.' Also, I took classes at the Fort Worth Business Assistance Center. The counselors were so great and classes were affordable. There is just so much room for growth here. I think Mayor Mike Moncrief is pushing for local businesses."

The menu will be based on the recipes of Castillo's mother, Christina, who is a partner in the venture. The tacos will be pulled chicken, brisket, carnitas and veggie. "You'll have the choice of a topping (Tacoheads slaw: cabbage, onion, cilantro, fresh jalapeño and lime juice; pico de gallo; or the traditional cilantro and onions)." After midnight, build-your-own breakfast tacos will be available. Barhopping customers will have a choice of eggs, chorizo, Mexican potatoes, veggie, cheese, and bacon, with the addition of sliced, grilled jalapeño and avocado.

"My thing with Tacoheads is that I wanted a place for friends to gather around shoot the shit and hang out while out at the nearby four bars. I'm not open for lunch yet, but it will be soon. I would like to have another trailer made just for catering events later. It's been fun," said Castillo.

This might be sad news for Dallas' hungry near a pitchfork-and-torch tizzy over the dearth of mobile food vendors here. Nevertheless, the opening of Tacoheads is promising. Perhaps Dallas politicos, restaurateurs and neighborhood associations will take notice and want in on the action. We're not holding our breaths, but we are crossing our fingers, fingers that cry for the cookery of the on-the-go eats cities nationwide -- like Fort Worth! -- are enjoying.

Those interested can follow Tacoheads on Twitter: @Tacoheads and on Facebook.

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José Ralat Maldonado

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