TacoNaan in Coppell is Cross Dressing Tacos and Naan. This Could Be Fun.

TacoNaan is a new taco naan place at 928 Belt Line Road in Coppell serving variations of tacos and naan. The owners recently renovated the inside of this old convenience store -- cleaned it up, slapped a fresh coat of paint on the walls, new tile floors and furniture and said "Bam! Let's shake things up a little." It probably went something like that.

So, the exciting thing here is, most obviously, the idea of marrying food from two cultures. Naan, the rustic, oven-baked bread that is the base of so many dishes in west, central and south Asia; along with local regional culinary heart of all things, Tex-Mex.

They're open for breakfast and lunch. The early-bird menu includes burritos, tacos, the usual suspects, plus a puffed rice taco, with "softened puffed rice" and scrambled eggs.

For lunch there are nine tacos ($1.50 - $1.99 each) consisting of the usual assortment of beef fajita, barbacoa, pork, lengua, brisket, chicken ... then, a-ah, the "chicken 65" (fried and spicy chicken) and the curry chicken taco.

As shown in the photo at top, a three-taco plate is served with rice and beans and comes with whatever variation of tacos you'd like. Along with a drink, the meal was about $6. The chicken 65 was by far the best, with a little kick to it. The curry was a bit subdued and the beef even seemed to have a little Indian flare to it.

The bagara bowl comes with spicy rice served with naan (mostly referred to as "flat bread" on the menu), beans, lettuce and either curry or chicken 65. The "chicken naan" ($3.99) has spicy chicken with a mild to medium spicy dressing. The burrito is also made with the flat bread, as is the torta sandwich.

TacoNaan has only been opened a little more than week, so they're still fine tuning things, but it's probably worth keeping on the radar if you're in the area. The idea is interesting. Hopefully fresh ingredients and as much from-scratch as possible cooking will keep it rolling.

TacoNaan at is open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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