Tacos at Sherlock's Pub & Grill Are Mysteriously Decent

I shouldn't have been surprised when I learned that some of the most popular items at a faux English pub in Dallas are tacos. After all, this is Texas, and Sherlock's Pub & Grill is up the hill from Flash Mart, the subject of last week's Taco Trail and the source of some of the best tacos in town.

The tacos at Sherlock's are good, tasty, enjoyable, even. When you're in the mood for something other than fish and chips, Sherlock's signature dish, the two or three-taco platter makes for a better eating experience than a burger.

The kitchen at the chain's headquarters calls the menu shots, so when I requested a corned beef taco, the waitress looked at me quizzically. A second waitress said I needed to ask the manager, but that it shouldn't be a problem. The manager directed me to marketing at corporate. A call has been put in. Perhaps they'll surprise everyone on St. Patrick's Day with a chain-wide one-day special.

What I did order was pleasant overall. My platter consisted of the beef fajita taco with chipotle-mango salsa, the fried shrimp with the same salsa and the grilled fish with serrano mayo. The fish was the weakest of the lot. The mayo was thick and sticky, the fish too flaky, though its flavor brought to mind what might be the closest thing to an Irish taco.

I'm glad the waitress steered me away from the potentially hazardous Buffalo chicken with blue cheese taco to the fried shrimp. The shrimp was the star. The corn tortilla burst with crispy nuggets of seafood. Meaty and snappy under pressure from teeth, I hoovered the shrimp, wishing some of the better tacos I've consumed were as substantial.

The fajita was just that, a beef fajita with little to it, though commendable for being a chain's rendition of a homegrown standard (if only a bit more salsa had been applied). Still, my mind kept returning to the shrimp taco, something other chains should emulate with such success, something worthy of a second helping.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.