Take It Over-Easy: Coffee House Cafe's Breakfast Sandwich Scores

Each week, Justin Bitner goes hunting for DFW's most interesting sandwiches. Have a sandwich suggestion? Leave it in the comments and he'll check it out.

Venue: Coffee House Cafe

Sandwich: Challah French Toast Sandwich ($11)

Bread: Two huge slices of Challah French toast

Toppings: Cheddar cheese, bacon, one over-easy egg

The Case: Breakfast is a meal that really embraces creativity. Perhaps it's the versatility of eggs, bacon and starch, or maybe it's just the flighty whims of the recovering drunk. Whatever the reason, there's always a way to tinker with even the tiniest elements of the day's most important meal. For this week's dish, I turned an eye to my trusty co-blogger, @foodbitch, as she tweeted such a tricked-up recommendation.

The generically named Coffee House Café, located in Far North Dallas off Preston and Frankford, has been slowly building a solid reputation. With a sizeable number of people waiting to take their seat, I decided to head over to the large, rectangular bar. The array of coffee converters was reminiscent of a chemist's laboratory. For those who enjoy the fruits of a incredibly painstaking processes, the restaurant features two Kyoto-style coffee makers. My mission had no time for such distractions; I was focused on getting my mitts on the Kashrut offending sandwich.

The sandwich arrived with a generous side of diced and fried potatoes. The starchy sidekicks, seasoned with salt, pepper and rosemary, were a great complement to the sweet French toast. The main dish itself was fairly decadent, despite not being overly dressed. The thick slices of French toast carried the sweetness of the egg batter with a hint of cinnamon. The cheddar and bacon coexisted in an orchestra of salty, fatty harmony while the lone egg lay low in the background. On my visit, the egg was cooked barely longer than desired, taking away the gorgeous runniness of the yolk. Despite that, this sandwich capably wiped away a night that saw the bottom of one too many bottles of Newcastle.

The Verdict: Pack your bags, this sandwich is work the trip to Gehenna.

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