Tarts, meet mini macarons. Mini macarons, meet tarts. Charmed, I'm sure.
Tarts, meet mini macarons. Mini macarons, meet tarts. Charmed, I'm sure.
courtesy Tart-a-licious

The Future of Dallas Dessert: Tart-a-licious Launches a Tart Subscription Service

Tart-a-licious owner Uma Iyer and her exquisite creations are popping up at pop-ups all over town. One week, she's collaborating with Joy Macarons, the next, she's setting up shop at the McKinney Farmers Market. She does all this while catering gigs and running a thriving online ordering business — not bad for a self-taught baker who got her first oven six years ago.

She's not stopping there. Freshly inspired after taking a course at the French Pastry School in Chicago this month, she's kicking off a new idea in May: the Tart Tasting Club. Subscribers will receive weekly deliveries of a four-tart box ($60 for the month of May).

Given Iyer's penchant for experimentation with interesting flavor combinations — butterscotch nut, lavender custard, white chocolate with strawberry and rose — each shipment will be full of surprises. You already get your groceries delivered, so why not do the same for your dessert?

It wouldn't be at all surprising if we see a permanent storefront materialize someday — it seems everything else Iyer dreams up transforms into reality. Until then, we'll order online — a six-tart box is $19 plus delivery, or pick it up from the kitchen in Plano.

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