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Teddy's Bigger Burgers Says Aloha to DFW

The second I saw Teddy's Bigger Burger was coming to Dallas, the movie Pulp Fiction popped into my head for obvious reasons. Yes, Samuel L Jackson was munching on Brad's Big Kahuna Burger (Mmmmmmm! This is a tasty burger!), but both burger places have a Hawaiian slant, even if one is completely fictitious.

Teddy's Bigger Burger brands itself as a bigger burger maker instead of a better one. Hopdoddy, Grub and other burger purveyors riding the current better burger wave have been hanging their hats on custom blends of meat ground right on site. Teddy's offers a custom blend of beef ground from 100 percent steer parts -- their website promises "no bull."

They promise a lot of other things, too. Special sauce, green leaf lettuce, dill pickles, thinly sliced sweet white onions, tomato slices, special sauce (again), teriyaki sauce, gourmet burger seasoning and that 100 percent steer patty are all somehow contained in one of Teddy's fluffy potato buns, according to the website. Teddy's is going to be a mouthful in more ways than one.

The Dallas area's first Teddy's is slated for Colleyville in September, and after that more locations are expected around DFW. You'll be able to grab a western version with cheddar and bacon, or a Hawaiian version with grilled pineapple. You can also order burger patties in different sizes and quantities, the largest of which would be a "biggest monster double burger" that will set you back $13.99 with fries and a drink. Whatever you order just make sure you keep your illegitimate business relationships nice and friendly. You don't want to end up like Brad.

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Scott Reitz
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