Ten Bells Tavern Hosts Rescue Me Fundraiser Friday + Late Night Ramen on Saturday

Last night when Ten Bells Tavern posted about late night ramen this coming Saturday night, I actually had to clarify exactly what they meant.

"Like, real ramen?"

Yes, real ramen.

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This could be perfect. Great perhaps. Ten Bells Tavern is already high on our list for their upscale Anglophile bar fare. Add to that Scott Reitz's recent lament about the lack of proper late-night food options and we've got a perfect noodle storm brewing over the tin tavern in the Bishop Arts District.

This Saturday evening, after the chef and regular cooking crew at Ten Bells shuts things down in the kitchen, a "pop up" crew will take their place and will serve late night ramen until "it runs out."

If the weather is nice (or even if it's not), you can hunker down at one of the new picnic tables outside, which they built with their old outdoor stage (the city made them take it down. They made lemonade-tables out of their lemonade-stand.)

Also, this Friday Ten Bells is hosting a DFW Rescue Me event, which in part is to pay homage to the "guardian of the bar," the owner's old dog Jack. They'll have $2 Lone Star, because perhaps Jack was just a Lone Star kind of a guy. There will also be other drink specials, plus a raffle for a brunch.

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