Ten Bells Updates Their Menu With A Pair Of Great Sandwiches

When I reviewed Ten Bells Tavern I was smitten with their wings. They're still great, and I've included them in my Year of Eating Fabulously story that comes out today. Last week I ducked into the small Oak Cliff bar to relax with a pint and grab a snack, and I noticed a few new items on the menu. While I didn't find them soon enough to incorporate them in the compilation, I assure you they are no less fabulous.

Their new Cuban sandwich was a little dry, but the ingredients are delicious including thick-sliced ham cooked on the flat top and pork shoulder slowly braised until chef Carlos Mancera can shred the meat with a fork. The sandwich isn't an authentic Cubano but is no less delicious. And the house-made sweet horseradish pickles are only a bonus.

It's the Reuben that really freaks me out, though.

Mancera was quick to admit he's not brining his own brisket, but it's hardly commodity corned beef by the time he's done with it. The chef wraps the meat in foil to keep the brisket moist and slow roasts it at a low temperature for six hours. The results are tender enough to melt in your mouth, while still holding together in massive, thick slices.

The toasted marble rye for the finished sandwich isn't greasy, and Mancera avoids cheese abuse, resulting in an exemplary Reuben sandwich. Ten Bells Tavern is making a push at some of the very best bar food you can get in Dallas.

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