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Ten Dallas Restaurants You Should Be Eating at Right Now: Summer 2014 Edition

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Stock and Barrel (pictured above) Jon Stevens' new Oak Cliff restaurant has the Bishop Arts District buzzing with modern American cooking. Think: burgers, meatloaf and a roast chicken that can take you back to the dinner table of your youth. Of course Stevens' cooking is a bit more pedigreed than the average mom's, so you'll have to become reacquainted, but Stock and Barrel's plates are worth the revisit. Don't miss the octopus ceviche.


CBD Provisions Every time I bring up CBD Provisions in conversation, I'm asked about the pig's head carnitas.

"Is it really that good?"


"Is it just a gimmick dish?"


The carnitas is just as I described in my review: Fatty, tender pork lies beneath that super crispy face that only a porky mother could love. Grab a tortilla and get ready to battle your tablemates for the cheek. It's worth the fight.


Gemma "Lovely" is probably the best word to describe Gemma. The dining room, the staff, and most of the cooking is refined and pleasant. With a focus on fresh, quality ingredients and a pastry chef who knocks dessert out of the park, you can't go wrong with a night here.


Blind Butcher With a young, boisterous crowd, Blind Butcher isn't a place for a quiet meal on a weekend evening. But if you're up for some fun, and you're in love with meat in almost abusive quantities, you have to check this place out. Get a liter of beer at the bar and the bangers and mash to start, then work through the special sausages that constantly rotate, and finish the meal off with charcuterie and cheese plates that pack impressive cuts of spicy sausage and homemade ricotta.


La Banqueta Earlier this summer, the Carroll Avenue location of La Banqueta opened, returning balance to the Dallas taco universe after it had been thrown off-kilter after the unexpected closing of the original location. For months we waited for a replacement to open and for months it seemed like little progress was made, but now that the waiting is over and we're rewarded by a much improved taco restaurant. You had to stand and hold you plate at the old spot, but now there are seats galore and a handful of TVs broadcast Latin American soccer matches. The tacos haven't changed a bit, though.


Catherine Downes
FT33 A meal at FT-33 speaks for itself. This was arguably the hottest reservation in Dallas the last time we published this list, and it still is now. Vegetarians rejoice: Matt McCallister's treatment of produce can sway even the most devout of carnivores, and summer's bounty is here.


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