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Ten of Dallas' Best French Fries

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Hopdoddy At Hopdoddy, the excellence of the fries isn't just about special seasoning or a complicated cooking method -- everything starts with the potato. A Kennebec potato, to be precise. Once shunned by restaurants because of their short shelf life, Kennebec potatoes have a relatively low water content that creates the textures that make a perfect French fry. If you're really feeling fancy, take it up a notch and order the truffle fries, which are the Kennebec fries tossed in pungent truffle oil and herbs.

Maple & Motor Jack Perkins' sparkling personality isn't the only reason to head to Maple & Motor. This joint is consistently ranked as one of the best in the city, and the fries can certainly stand up to the burgers. If my grandma had a beard and a bad attitude, these would be her fries. Ever the accommodating burger slingers, you can also get your fries jazzed up with chili and cheese for a few bucks extra at Maple & Motor.

Goodfriend As good as the guys at Goodfriend are with a flat-top grill and ground beef, their deep-frying skills aren't anything to ignore. Fresh-cut waffle fries aren't exactly easy to find, and these are some of the best. They're also served in a massive bowl, and your waitress is happy to bring plenty of ketchup or ranch that somehow manages to improve on their version of potato perfection.

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