Tequila in Cupcakes? Just Add Pork Rinds, and You Have Our Typical Dinner.

The adult cupcake. No dirty pictures on these. It's the ingredients, not the decorations, that make these for the 21 and over set only. They're tequila cupcakes from Elizabeth's Cakes in Plano. And I don't know if it's just the power of suggestion or not, but I would swear that I not only tasted the stuff but got a little buzz on too.

OK, fine. I'm a lightweight, and the alcohol likely cooks off in the oven, and it was probably the sugar and not the alcohol that brought the buzz on. But I swear, if you take a deep breath after a nice bite, you'll feel the tequila in the back of your throat.

Regardless, these babies were tasty. Not overly sweet and, interestingly, the moistest of all the other flavors I nibbled at, barring the chocolate tres leches, which was downright oozy. In a good way.

The best part though may be how darling and innocent the little cakes look with light green frosting and a cartoony swirl on top despite their naughty little secret. Kind of like those super sweet girly shooters we used to do on spring break. (Or that we did last Friday. Don't judge.)

Elizabeth's Cakes 2108 N. Dallas Parkway, Suite 216C, Plano In Polo Towne Crossing Shopping Center 972-403-7427

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