Tesar Wins The Entire Internet and Dr Pepper Died: This Week In Dallas Eats

Whether you prefer romaine or radicchio, it's a sad week to wrap here at City of Ate. Dr Pepper is dead -- the real stuff not the corporate crap -- and coverage has been popping up all over the internets. Leslie Minora talked to a few local businesses about the end of an era, and this video spot on the Dallas Morning News featuring a bawling Jeff Kloster is some compelling stuff.

#BoycottDrPepper has been trending on Twitter, and there are seven Facebook groups devoted to a similar effort. Supplies on Ebay are trending upwards, and when Robert Wilonsky dropped a can off at my desk I was tempted to turn it into a souvenir.

I'm drinking it while I draft this.

Elsewhere on City of Ate, I reviewed Texas Spice this week and was underwhelmed. Many dishes at the restaurant were worthy offerings, but the overall dining experiences I had there were not compelling.

If you're one of those weirdos that still has the Christmas tree up, you'll appreciate Jesse Hughey's ode to out of season brews. We also got our beer fest back. It seems it's a better week for suds than sodas.

Lauren Daniels' post on phone stacking went viral. I fully intend to try this the next time I go out. (Funny, since I have a serious cell phone problem and I'm usually the guy who picks up the tab anyway.)

Also kind of awkward that we ran a post on pig parts for breakfast on Monday and a Meatless Monday post on Tuesday.

Elsewhere in Dallas, Tesar is opening some place called Spoon, plus a few extra Commissary burger places and every single blog in Dallas posted about it. Some even posted twice. Must be big news. Actually, I love the guy's burgers, too.

Entree Dallas checked out Bolsa Mercado, and did the best job at capturing the place I've seen so far. I might have to buy some ingredients for my Sunday supper over there this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, if you guys have some free internet time you should check out the new (to me) Dallas website House of Plates. They combine my two favorite things, food and music, and have a pretty innovative presentation too. Check out this drink profile on SWIG paired with music from Primus and then poke around the rest of the site. I dig it.

Make sure you come back next week. We're taking Monday off, and while I love indulgent weekends I'm more excited about our upcoming issue than I have been for any other. We'll take a look at an interesting new Oak Cliff restaurant you'll need to try soon, and unleash thoughts on Dallas dining from our very best chefs.

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