Texas BBQ Takes NYC;
Will Chicken-Fried Steak Be Next?

A new pop-up restaurant in New York City is taking advantage of Northerners' recent interest in Texas barbecue.

The annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, which typically includes at least one Texas pitmaster, and Hill County Barbecue Market have helped introduce brisket and sausage to New Yorkers' 'cue vocabulary. But Dennis Ngo says the response toHNH BBQ's grand opening last night suggests folks still haven't gotten their fill of Texas-style barbecue.

"I smoked five briskets, and we sold out in three hours," reports Ngo, one of four Houston natives behind the project. "A lot of people commented they'd never had anything like it, especially the sausage."

Last night's line-up included jalapeno-cheddar sausages from Southside Market, creamed corn and potato salad "with lots of deli mustard."

While a number of Southern specialties have lately jostled their way onto Northern menus, Texas-style barbecue remains hard to find beyond the state's borders.

"They definitely do it a little bit differently up here," Ngo says. "They drench everything in sauce. I had to make a sauce last night, because I knew everyone would ask for it."

Ngo says he sees "a lot of potential" for turning an eating public already smitten with Benton's bacon and Sweetgrass Dairy cheeses on to various Texas regionalisms.

"I don't see anyone doing breakfast tacos or chicken fried steak," he says. "Any type of Texas cuisine would really kill."

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